Monday, September 13, 2010

Marketing consultation is needed

Music Lab is looking for a Marketing Strategist consultant, to provide a cost effective solution on how to market & selling our productions. We are expecting that solution should touch all angles from selling music online, CD & DVD, Live shows and merchandise. Just contact us via  or  with your full contacts.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well! It is always amazing to witness the way Adam Juma working with his camera when he is in the location. Yesterday, he was taking the last three scenes of NIKIKUPATA video song by Ben Paul.

The first location was  at the National housing flats at shekilango, with gelly wa rymes (mama ntilie's singer) played the role of the guy who is mistreating his girlfriend.The ben is taking that weakness as advantage to snap up the girl.

The video is expected to be released next Monday, but the audio is already out.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Appreciation

Seems like now, Music lab’s artists have started to be reckoned in many blogs. This suggests that the quality of their work is a decent standard against audience requirements. Maabara was shocked when it found out that Wimbo by Grace Matata now looks like a new song in most of the blogs.
Generally, All artists from Nikki mbishi, sterio, one, ben po’, Grace matata, Darlington, Njuu and Manfred are doing well. If you look back a year ago, the mentioned artists were deep undergrounds.
Congratulations to music lab management, entire production crew starting with Duketachez, Willie HD, Kanye innocent, Kamongo KG and William otuck and all other stakeholders for their support. Also praise should also go to Instrumentalists such as Norman, maneno uvuruge, ozee, Manfred and all part time people.
We also would like to reserve our special thanks to the following blogs:
• Babkubwa
• Radio mbao
• Swahili remix
• Eastafricantube
• Bongoflavourmusicnews
• Djchoka
• Dj fetty
We cant mention all of them, We wish to express our joy base on your efforts guys. We still have a long way to go but its not bad kutoa shukrani.
Its only one year since Music lab was established, but we are proud of lots of hits which we have been involved so far just to mention few:
1. Wimbo By Grace matata
2. Kila siku by nikki mbishi
3. Playboy by nikki mbishi
4. Increadible by One
5. Nyakati By grace matata
6. Free soul by Grace matata
7. Nafahamu by Manfred ft grace matata
8. Binti kibinti by musa vipaji vingi ft mataaruma
9. Pata raha By ben po ft sterio,one & nikki mbishi
10. Kurasa mpya by darlinton
11. Bado robo saa By Amin(THT)
12. Atatamani By Lina(THT)
13. Wrong Sms by Barnaba ft Lina(THT)
14. Makange By jasmeen (THT)
15. Mbona umekwenda By Jane Rose (THT)

Asanteni wadau kwa kutupokea

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Incredible remix is buzzing

Ever since the Incredible remix drop to radio stations, the streets are buzzing basing on the song. From chid benz, to stereo and izzo business, every single artist did what was missing on the hip-hop movement. It is a good mix-up of punch lines, rhyming techniques and swaggers if you like. They made it hardcore beat to test like a soft pop. Duke did something marvellous on the chorus by putting some Dj scratches and background vocal as if ONE the incredible was on the other side of the telephone conversation.

All I can say is the fact that, each individual did a justice to the hip hop scene. Hopefully we will see lot of collabo which will reflect such a movement.

Congratulation One, chid benz, izzo business and Stereo. You did a great job.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One year Annivessary - music Lab

Music lab (M-lab) will celebrate its one year of its existence. Some various packages have been arranged to get the better of the event which will take place at the end of this month.
The exactly date and the package will be announced soon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Christabel Njuu is not a new name on underground music movement. Last year she did a fabulous performance at Fiesta festival show in Dar es Salaam by singing our National anthem at the beginning of the show. Yes it was last year when Busta Rymes blasted an amazing show.

Although she undertakes her music studies at “THT” but the truth is Christabel is a gospel singer, I bet this will surprise lot of people. Now she is coming with an album. The entire production has been done at music Lab studio but she is working with Yahweh music  (music lab sister label-specific for gospel only) under Mr. Godwin Gondwe and David Robert.

On 22nd May, 2010,  the label has organized the listening session for the album “MVUA YA BARAKA”. The session will involve Gospel radio and TV presenters, journalists and some few people who will be invited. Also the label will use that opportunity to release the first single in the album on the same date for promotion use.

For those people who will be interested to participate on the session, Please drop your email at or Make sure you include your mobile number in case the organizers want to communicate with you.

Monday, May 17, 2010

An interview with Darlington

Darlington was the second female artist to sign music lab. I remember when she comes to music lab premises for the first time. Godwin Gondwe and Duketachez were the people responsible for her audition. She did Whitney Houston’s song, and she did it well, unfortunately, both judges didn’t remember to record the session.
Since she used to sing as a group (choir) it was very hard singing as a solo artist! But with the help from her label mates and producers, she managed to come up with her first zouk release “KURASA MPYA”. The song was largely contributed by Duketachez, Willie HD, Kanye innocent and Darlington.
 Amin (THT) is also writing a song for her as they are still working for the composition before putting together as a record, she is still also a member of Voice of Victory choir (V.o.V). This is an interview with her:

Maabara: When your song was on the radio for the first time, people were like, where is she coming from!!   Description?

Darlington: I am an open minded, independent, principled but fun, down to earth person.

Maabara: Speaking of Darlington, when did she start singing?

Darlington: Well! I started singing when I was really young. I started the classic way, in church. My earliest memories of church singing go all the way back to when I was like 7 or 8.

Maabara: I  always see you with guitar in studio, infact Teacher Jento from THT (Kadinali )always give praise that the guitar of yours is one of the best guitar! How good you are on that particularly? Any other instrument?

Darlington: Geez, well I have had this guitar for like almost a year now, and im always trying to learn a even a few chords here and there, still not there yet, lol! But the instrument I have at least the basics with is the piano and that’s the instrument im passionate about.

Maabara: In our lives we normally get inspired by successful people, and those become cornerstone of our motivation and ambitions! What about you?

Darlington: The one person I’ve always been inspired by is Whitney Huston. She is an amazing singer and entertainer and to me she sets the standard for perfection : ). Aretha Franklyn also is my other role model. She is a classic.

Maabara: Any other activity apart from music?

Darlington: I’m currently taking my bachelors degree of public administration in public services management at Mzumbe university in Morogoro.

Maabara: every single artist from music lab, has his/her own story on how music lab get the signature! How did they approach you?

Darlington: Well! two years I go, I got in this talent show at school and it just so happened Duke (the producer) was there and he saw me. So when they opened the studio Music Lab duke asked someone to find me. Then we met had an interview, they liked me. The rest is history : )

Maabara: Your song! Is an effort of yourselves, WillieHD, Kanye and of course Duke! I can understand how tense it is to get along with producers on recording sessions! Who would like to work with? Starting from music lab and other production studios!

Darlington: Well, I love to work with Duke, and WillieHD they make me grow strong day by day. But also there are others such as Hammy B is on the list, Lucci, Marco Chali and lamar. They are great producers, I think it`ll be a great experience to work with them.

Maabara: any individual initiative to improve your music skills?

Darlington: As a singer my voice is a the first priority in everything I do. If I improve my vocal abilities and my stage performances and work harder on my writing abilities, I think i`ll make one hell of a great singer : )

Maabara:  who are your top five favorites local Artist in your list?

Darlington: To be honest, I have great respect and love for Maunda Zorro, Grace Matata, Christabella Njuu, Amini (THT), Barnabas (THT) and Lina (THT) because they are all so young but they are extremely talented and they have managed to do amazing work so far and you can see them growing every day. So I really admire them.

Maabara:  I'm sorry to hear that you have lost your father recently, Its very hard to accept it, tell us in brief how it felt to lose a close person in life like him, what is in your mind and how have you decided to dedicate him in your daily activities!
Darlington: Well this is tha hard part in my life to accept the reality, but can’t turn the lights on again, it hard but God has plans for everyone in life, I will always remember it was late afternoon, his love so tender, but end in so soon. but I believe God is there for me, my DAD was everything to me, my best friend we could talk anything, I will sing a song for him, but mum is left with me and  loves me very much.

Maabara: Pole sana, Maabara is wishing you all the best in both careers

Darlington:  Thank you

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Have you heard the new coming mixtape from Fid Q ? Well KITAA-OLOJIA (Street-ology ) is coming, was told  that its going to be strictly Mistari na Vina. No gabbage on it, nigga no swagger!!. Its all about spitting skills, punchlines, rhyming techniques and crazy beats on it. Yesterday,  two members of Music lab finest Mces (nikki mbishi and sterio a) did their contributions on the mix tape at Tongwe Records. the source said that another member of music lab One-increadible  will also appear on that mission. Fid Q is looking for more other ill mcs such as KURASA among others to feature on that expansion. 

His main objective is to  stimulate new artists by bringing back the awareness for the cats to stick  on  HIP HOP basics such as  rhyming skills,  conceptual contents and living intellectual . He is now near to strike a deal for the Distribution and Music Videos. 

The entire project will  benefit  each contributor, as the source said that, if everything goes fine, each individual will pursue his own contract. " It is like solo artists crewed up together" Nikki mbishi was quoted.

Well done Fareed Kubanda, this is what we are calling HIP-HOP revolution.  

We cant wait for the end product  (KITAA-OLOJIA) to bang on the street. Ngoja tuone

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An interview with William Otuck

Always music is very comical industry; this is because of its unpredictable audience behavior + people who want to dictate the industry the way they want. If you pay a visit at music lab studio and get a chance to see the way Otuck is approaching his music either on singing or production part, you would want the whole world to understand what you have witnessed. There is lot of talent in him, sometimes people like Duke always says that this little boy is doing music of next level which is hard for people of this generation to ketch up and understands him completely. He is known by his debut singe “Niite” which was released at the end of last year. The song was produced by collabo of him and his close friend OX-G then mixed & mastered by DUKE at music lab
Straight Away from Mtwara at college, this is his interview with maabara

Maabara: How are you doing man!
Otuck: Um good, busy with the book, I have taken a break on music  damn it!
Maabara: hahahaha! well lets start straight! how do you  describe yourself!
Otuck: am a lil talented, cool and smart rn'b singer and a producer.., full of GREAT passion on music. am Always tryng to get the best of me. Hustlin' and make it to the TOP OF THE WORLD.
Maabara:  tell us about your history, school, family etc

Otuck: i was born in 1989 at Rukwa region but i grew up and took my primary education in DAR. i took my O-level education at  Pius secondary school in dar. A-level at minaki sec school, Pwani. Am now taking my diploma in clinical medicine at CoTC Mtwara.

Maabara: A lot of artists in bongo start singing when they are a bit older, Can you tell us exactly when did you start singing?

Otuck: started at the church man!, when i was 9 yrs old where i firstly joined the church choir. niliacha kwaya nilipofika std iv. but as a boarding scholar at my secondary level, i went on singing gospel music. that was where i learned how to play a piano that brought the 'production' thing in me. All my dreams on music zilikua kufanya muziki wa dini.., but mda ulipokua unasogea, i changed my mind and turned to a rn'b singer!! nilijikita rasmi kwenye game ya muziki wa bongo by 2007, being encouraged by a close friend of mine  OX-G who is a producer and a rapper.

Maabara: Grace Matata (your label mate) is good in guitar, what about you? Any instrument

Otuck: Did I tell you I’m also a producer? Of course I play piano and am now working on a guitar.

Maabara: between a producer and singer, which career Otuck would prefer most

Otuck: I really prefer being a singer because I think when I sing I fill so much better than when am making music. Though it’s true that am very much inspired by the music of my own. That is to say, when I sing on my own beat I fill so much good..., lol.

Maabara: any role model or someone who inspired you in your music career?

Otuck: this inspiration comes indirectly from the late Michael Jackson. So I count him as my role model. I took it directly from NE-YO, CHRISS BROWN, & JOHN LEGEND.

Maabara: yes you are doing music, what else are you doing in day to day life activities!

Otuck: Am taking a diploma in medicine so am a doctor.., lol. I realy love this part of my life, I love helping people. i believe that I was born to postpone the deaths of some people here in the world.

Maabara: Well why signing mlab and how?

Otuck: I knew Duke even before Mlab, so when I visited him, I decided to make it hapa hapa.., i didnt have any reason to go anywhere else.

Maabara: Any local producers probably you would like to work with, apart from mlab’s producers

Otuck: Well! It’s definitely Majani & Lamar.

Maabara:  Favorite local Artist?

Otuck:  man the list is long but to shorten, I will name Steve rn'b, Godzilla, nikki mbishi, Amini, Lina and Mr. Ally zorro.
Maabara: what things you think if you improve, you will become a better singer than what you are?

Otuck: a good and professional vocal training, much time for practice and making music.
Maabara:  Otuck! Thank you for your time, we wish you all the best in your music and school activities

Otuck: Pleasure

Happy birthday Nendeze

Bila shaka ulishawahi kukumbana na vibao kama "Usiamshe" na kingine kama "chance" kutoka kwa mwanadada Tecla aka nendeze enzi hizo akiwa Agees records. Pia ameshafanya chorus kwenye nyimbo nyingi tu maarufu, zikiwemo "binti kisura" ya  inspector haroun , "Jeshi la mtu mmoja" ya Fid q na "Nyeti" ya wagosi wa kaya

Tecla kituli ni msanii wa pili baada ya nikki mbishi kuanguka sahihi katika label ya music lab katikati ya mwaka jana. Je tukimwita Music lab first lady utabisha? nahisi utakuwa pamoja nami.

Akiwa music lab, nendeze ameshatoa kibao kimoja kikijulikana kwa jina la "BOY" ngoma ambayo ilibamba sana mwishoni mwa mwaka jana.

Kwa sasa mwanadada huyu ni mwanafunzi wa mwaka wa kwanza katika chuo kikuu cha Tumaini-Dar es salaam akichukua Bachelor of Mass communication na leo hii ni siku yake ya kuzaliwa akifikisha miaka 23.

Happy birthday Nendeze

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ni zamu ya Ben Po'

Yap! ni Bernard Paul ila akitupia zile swagger basi mwite Ben Po'. Huyu ni mchizi mpya kabisa katika fani ya music wa Rnb-Bongoflava. Ni msanii chipukizi ila mwenye uwezo mkubwa sana, na kama akiendelea kwa juhudi kama hizi basi itamchukua muda mfupi sana kufikia level kama za akina Belle 9, Steve Rnb, Diamond na wakali wengine

Single yake mpya imeanza kutinga redioni siku ya leo. ni RnB ya nguvu yenye swaga za shangwe shangwe hivi na hizi hapa ndio haswa details za wimbo huo aliowashirikisha Music lab finest ( One, Sterio na nikki mbishi):

Song title: Pata Raha
Artist : Ben Po ft Sterio, One & Nikki mbishi
Written By: Ben Po, Sterio, One & Nikki Mbishi
Composed By: Ben Po, Kanye Innocent, Duke
Produced By: Duke & Kanye Innocent
Keyboard By: kanye Innocent
Mixed & Mastered By: Duke

tega, sikio kwa radio mbali mbali kusikiza track hii.

New Video for grace Matata

Well! Well! Well! Last Sunday (9th/May 2010) The singer did the video for her new song "FREE SOUL" for almost 60%. The rest will be done on Saturday. Adam Juma did what he did man, and from the look of it, the video is gonna be the bomb. Stay tune for her two releases at go.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

An interview with grace matata

Grace Matata is one of Tanzania`s new upcoming artist, famous with her debut single “WIMBO”.  She was first heard on the radio for the first time when she featured the self proclaimed King of free style NIKKI MBISHI on the song known as Punch line. That was the first time Grace entered on the vocal booth. Her song Wimbo earned her a nominee place on TEEN EXTRA AWARDS 2010.  So who is grace matata by the way? This is her interview with maabara blog:

Maabara:  Who is Grace Matata?
Grace: sassy, witty, funy, smart,  spunky and always chasing a high from everything in life. very easy going, easy to be friends with. i love music. i make music. right now im working on my first album:} and hopefully there`ll be more to come.

Maabara: in brief tel us about your background, family,school etc
Grace: Well!  Was born in Mbeya in 1989, raised by our mother (ANN JOHN MATATA) in a family of three (3) kids. I studied in a local school of primary in KIBAHA town, and then attended Ordinary level at Kiluvya secondary school. I took my A-level secondary education at TAMBAZA secondary school where I finished in 2009; currently I’m studying my Bachelor degree on Tax management at  the Institute of Finance management (IFM).

Maabara: When dd you exactly start singing and writing?
Grace: I began writing song at the age of 9, which first was interested more on poetry but later turned to song writing.

Maabara: any inspiration?
Grace: Was inspired by most ladies such as Tracy chapman, Deb Talan, Alanis morriset, Chris Pureka

Maabara: Any instrument that you play?
Grace: Was always interested in guitars, Starting playing guitar at the age of 17.

Maabara: As you have said earlier that you started writing and singing at age of 9, but when exactly did you start singing professionally?
Grace:  Well! I started singing officially at the age of 18 when I joined the Motherland band in 2008. Other members who make the motherland are Rodgers, Manfred and Ozee

Maabara: How did you meet with Music Lab (mLAB)
Grace: Was introduced to music lab by a friend. Then was signed by mlab in 2009.

Maabara: best moment on your music career?
Grace:   Was delighted to hear my first single on the radio “WIMBO”. It was a good experience though

Maabara:  Plans?
Grace: I’m currently doing my studies and working on my 1st album.

Maabara:  thank you grace! any last words?
Grace: Just want to ask guys all over the place, I guess you heard the TEEN EXTRA AWARDS 2010. I h ave been nominated for the BRAND NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR. Please take your time to visit and there is a link which will lead you. SO IF YOU THINK I HAVE WHAT IT TAKES FOR THIS, VOTE FOR ME. Thanks
Maabara:  was nice chatting with you grace
Grace: cheers

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Artist new Release

Music lab inapenda kumtambulisha mwanadada  Darlington. Nyimbo hii ipo katika mahadhi ya zouk, mwanadada huyu ni mmoja wa wasanii wa kwanza kabisa kuingia mkataba na label ya music lab ila kwa sababu ya kutingwa na shule ilibidi achelewe kutoka. Darlington ni mwanafunzi wa mwaka wa kwanza katika chuo kikuu cha mzumbe morogoro. nyimbo hii imeshasambazwa katika vituo mbali mbali vya redio, yafuatayo ni maelezo machache ya wimbo huu:

Song titled: Ukurasa mpya  /ama Ni wewe
Artist: Darlington
Addition vocals: Grace matata (For Music lab) & LINA (for THT)
Produced by: Willie HD & Innocent kanye
Additional Keyboard By: Kamongo
Written By: Duke, Kanye & willie HD
Composed & arranged by: Darlington, Duke,.willie HD, Kanye Innocent
 Mixed By: Willie HD & Duke
Mastered by : Duke
Studio: Music Lab
genre: Zouk
label: Music Lab

Next release:
ONE - Increadible Remix ft Chid benz, Izzo business & Sterio (23rd/April/2010)
Manfred - Love you ft grace matata (30th/April/2010)
Sterio- Mtaani ft ozee from Motherland (30th/April/2010)
Grace matata - Si rahisi (Audio), Free soul (Video) - Mid may depending with the video editing from Adam)
Musa vipaji vingi- Amina (video and Audio)- mid May
Nikki mbishi - Playboy (end of May)

Tunashukuru kwa support yenu

Monday, February 15, 2010

MLAB Video

Thot you never see it comin! Its increadible baby! Yap....... Yule mkali  aka Mr. Increadible aka One aka Style&content  hivi karibuni anataraji kufanya video ya mwimbo wake ambao  upo juu sana kwa sasa katika medani ya hiphop. wadau kaeni mkao wa kula maana mambo yanaweza kukamilika soon plus video za wasanii wengine katika label.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

JK ndani ya mpango mzima katika Tamasha la Malaria -ZINDUKA

Rais Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete atahudhuria katika tamasha kubwa kabisa la uhamasishaji wa kutokomeza ugonjwa wa malaria nchini litakalofanyika katika viwanja vya leaders tarehe 13 February 2010.

wasanii mbalimbali watajumuika pamoja kutoa burudani na kuhamasisha wananchi kupambana kwa dhati kutokomeza ugonjwa huo hatari unaoaminika kuongoza kupoteza maisha ya watu wengi duniani.

wasanii zaidi ya kumi na tano walijumuika kwa pamoja kuimba mwimbo moja kama njia ya uhamasishaji. Baadhi yao wakiwa ni marlaw, banana, mwasiti, lina, dito,prof j, amin, barnaba, grace matata, madee,keisha,jessica honore,mataaruma na msanii mkongwe Bi. kidude. Track hiyo ilifanywa chini ya supa dupa producer DUKE ndani ya music lab.

MLAB inatoa pongezi kwa wahusika wote wanaofanikisha kampeni hii.

Duketachez na Grace Matata wala shavu XXL Teen Awards

Producer Duke na msanii chipukizi Grace Matata wamepata shavu la kuwa Nomenees katika scheme mpya ya Awards iliyoanzisshwa na CLOUDZ FM kupitia kipindi chake cha XXL. Duke yupo katika category ya producer bora wa mwaka, wakati Grace yupo katika category ya msanii bora chipukizi wa mwaka. List nzima ni hii hapa:

group of the year

1. wakali kwanza
2. wateule
3. nako2 nako
4. ofside trick
5. tmk halisi
6. wanaume tmk

dj of the year

1. dj pq
2. dj steve b
3. dj a.d
4. dj zero
5. dj maliz

hottest collable of the year

1. mimi - geez mabovu feat jay moe, fid q, chidi beenz
2. cnn - ngwea feat fid q
3. chama kubwa - tip top feat tmk wanaume
4. unapenda nini - jafarai feat fatma
5. nazeeka - mwana fa feat sugu & prof jay
6. right here - g nako feat chindo man

music producer of the year

1. lamar
2. macochali
3. q
4. tuddy
5. duke

video producers of the year

1. visual lab
2. kalaghe pictures
3. e media
4. kiumbe videos visions

brand new artist of the year

1. diamond
2. quick racka
3. niki wa pili
4. godzila
5. grace matata
6. barnaba
7. chiku keto

male artist of the year

1. joh makini
2. chidi beenz
3. ngwea
4. belle 9
5. marlaw
6. mrisho mpoto

female artist of the year

1. lady jay dee
2. shaa
3. maunda
4. baby mmadaha
5. ray c

Music Lab inawapongeza na kuwatakia ushiriki mwema nomenees wote waliofanikiwa kupenya katika mchujo huu wa awali.

Changamoto tu kwa waandaji ni kuwa walipaswa kuweka criteria za kuwachagua nomenees mapema kabla hawajatoa matokeo ili kuondoa dhana ya kuwa Awards zote za Tanzania zimejawa na ubabaishaji.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ngoma ya Nikki mbishi yafanikiwa kuwa ngoma bora ya jan 2010 Cloudz FM

katika ngoma nne zilizokuwa cello ya bongo fleva kipindi kinachoendeshwa na fetty ngoma ya nikki mbishi aliyoshirikisha belle 9 na one KILA SIKU imeshika nafasi ya kwanza baada ya kupigiwa kura nyingi kuliko ngoma zinginie zikiwemo am not a flirt ya klyn, one love ya steve r&b na nipigie ya A.t
mLAB inapenda kumpongeza nikki pamoja na ma collabo wote akiwemo Belle 9, Godzilla na ONE the Increadible, Pia inashukuru mashabiki wote, Cloudz FM na waandaji wote wa kipindi nyuma ya DJ Fetty.

wakati huo huo, single mpya ya Grace Matata inatarajiwa kutoka mwishoni mwa mwezi feb, single hii amemshirikisha banana zahir zoro, maandalizi ya video ndio yaliyokwamisha utokaji mapema wa single hii. Imepangwa Audio na Video zitoke pamoja. MLAb ita release track ya msanii mpya katika label akijulikana kama STERIO sambamba na kazi ya grace.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ni kama mwaka umeanza vizuri kwa upande mmoja na mbaya kwa upande wa pili kwa Producer DUKE. Umeanza vibaya kwa kuwa amelazimika kuikatisha likizo yake kutokana na ratiba ndeefu ya project zinazomkabili.

Kwa upande wa habari nzuri ni kuwa, Baada ya kulisuka vilivyo lile project la gospel la mwanadada Jessica Honore linalojulikana kwa jina la "TENZI ZA ROHONI", The super dupa producer amekuwa busy sana na project ya THT ikiwahusisha AMIN na nyimbo yake inayosumbua sana redioni ikifahamika kama "Robo saa" mbali na mwanamuziki huyo, tayari kashamaliza mzigo wa wanadada Lina, Jane na Jasmeen ikiwa nyimbo zote hizi ndizo zilizofungulia mwaka katika station mbalimbali za radio. Mbali na tracks hizo kuna nyimbo ya barnaba na Lina ambayo inafanyiwa mixing kabla ya kudondoshwa kwa radio.

Hivi sasa amekuwa busy sana na nyimbo ya kuhamasisha vita ya kutokomeza malaria ambayo mratibu mkuu wa project ya wimbo huo ni ndugu Ruge mutahaba. Nyimbo hiyo imesheheni mastaa kibao wa kzazi kipya na baadhi wa zamani kama Bi. Kidude, pia yupoLady Jay Dee, Marlaw, Barnaba, Amini, Grace matata, Lina,Mwasiti, Proffesor J,Banana,Madii,Keisha,Mataaruma,Jane, na wengineo wakitimiza idadi ya mastaa 18 ambao watakuwa katika track hiyo itakayoanza kurushwa hewani mwishoni mwa wiki hii huku ikizinduliwa na waziri wa afya Proff. mwakyusa hapo tarehe 14/january/2010

wakati huo huo, ili kudhihirishia watu kuwa mwaka huu kapania kufunia kabisa, ule mwimbo wa mchiriku ulio katika project moja ya clouds ikiwa ni production yake mzee mzima..umeshaingia redioni kwa vurugu nyingi sana.Aidha, mratibu wa project hiyo, bwana Athuman shaaban maarufu kwa jina la SUKA hakupatikana kutolea ufafanuzi wa project hiyo nzima ya mchiriku.

mLAB inamtakia kazi njema mzee mzima duke na team yake nzima ya ufinyanzi na uhunzi wa milio ili wote wale wabishi wakae chini pasi kutambaa

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Huku Traditional Kule Dansi

Sasa ni zamu ya Lapakache ku introduce kazi mbili zenye mahadhi tofauti kutoka kwa wazee wa shoka ACHIGO BAND na yule jamaa wa AfriJazz Musa vipaji vingi!

Kama mambo yakienda sawa, basi Achigo Band wataingia studioni wiki ijayo kurekodi vibao vyao viwili kwa mkupuo ambacho kimoja kinataraji kuingia hewani katikati ya mwezi january 2010. Ikumbukwe kuwa bendi hii ndio ile ile ya jemedari wa muziki alieko kifungoni The legendary Nguza Viking!

Musa vipaji vingi Tayari yeye kashafanya rekodi za kutosha, na wiki ijayo kuna ala nyingine tu za kunogesha pini hizo zitaongezwa kwa kushirikisha wakali kibao wa ala kutoka bendi tofauti tofauti za hapa nchini........ musa yeye anataraji kushusha pini mwanzoni mwa january sambamba kabisa na band ya Achigo.

Tunawaomba fans wote wa hawa majamaa wajiandae kupokea kazi nzuri na yenye ubunifu wa hali ya juu.