Thursday, May 20, 2010


Christabel Njuu is not a new name on underground music movement. Last year she did a fabulous performance at Fiesta festival show in Dar es Salaam by singing our National anthem at the beginning of the show. Yes it was last year when Busta Rymes blasted an amazing show.

Although she undertakes her music studies at “THT” but the truth is Christabel is a gospel singer, I bet this will surprise lot of people. Now she is coming with an album. The entire production has been done at music Lab studio but she is working with Yahweh music  (music lab sister label-specific for gospel only) under Mr. Godwin Gondwe and David Robert.

On 22nd May, 2010,  the label has organized the listening session for the album “MVUA YA BARAKA”. The session will involve Gospel radio and TV presenters, journalists and some few people who will be invited. Also the label will use that opportunity to release the first single in the album on the same date for promotion use.

For those people who will be interested to participate on the session, Please drop your email at or Make sure you include your mobile number in case the organizers want to communicate with you.

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