Monday, May 17, 2010

An interview with Darlington

Darlington was the second female artist to sign music lab. I remember when she comes to music lab premises for the first time. Godwin Gondwe and Duketachez were the people responsible for her audition. She did Whitney Houston’s song, and she did it well, unfortunately, both judges didn’t remember to record the session.
Since she used to sing as a group (choir) it was very hard singing as a solo artist! But with the help from her label mates and producers, she managed to come up with her first zouk release “KURASA MPYA”. The song was largely contributed by Duketachez, Willie HD, Kanye innocent and Darlington.
 Amin (THT) is also writing a song for her as they are still working for the composition before putting together as a record, she is still also a member of Voice of Victory choir (V.o.V). This is an interview with her:

Maabara: When your song was on the radio for the first time, people were like, where is she coming from!!   Description?

Darlington: I am an open minded, independent, principled but fun, down to earth person.

Maabara: Speaking of Darlington, when did she start singing?

Darlington: Well! I started singing when I was really young. I started the classic way, in church. My earliest memories of church singing go all the way back to when I was like 7 or 8.

Maabara: I  always see you with guitar in studio, infact Teacher Jento from THT (Kadinali )always give praise that the guitar of yours is one of the best guitar! How good you are on that particularly? Any other instrument?

Darlington: Geez, well I have had this guitar for like almost a year now, and im always trying to learn a even a few chords here and there, still not there yet, lol! But the instrument I have at least the basics with is the piano and that’s the instrument im passionate about.

Maabara: In our lives we normally get inspired by successful people, and those become cornerstone of our motivation and ambitions! What about you?

Darlington: The one person I’ve always been inspired by is Whitney Huston. She is an amazing singer and entertainer and to me she sets the standard for perfection : ). Aretha Franklyn also is my other role model. She is a classic.

Maabara: Any other activity apart from music?

Darlington: I’m currently taking my bachelors degree of public administration in public services management at Mzumbe university in Morogoro.

Maabara: every single artist from music lab, has his/her own story on how music lab get the signature! How did they approach you?

Darlington: Well! two years I go, I got in this talent show at school and it just so happened Duke (the producer) was there and he saw me. So when they opened the studio Music Lab duke asked someone to find me. Then we met had an interview, they liked me. The rest is history : )

Maabara: Your song! Is an effort of yourselves, WillieHD, Kanye and of course Duke! I can understand how tense it is to get along with producers on recording sessions! Who would like to work with? Starting from music lab and other production studios!

Darlington: Well, I love to work with Duke, and WillieHD they make me grow strong day by day. But also there are others such as Hammy B is on the list, Lucci, Marco Chali and lamar. They are great producers, I think it`ll be a great experience to work with them.

Maabara: any individual initiative to improve your music skills?

Darlington: As a singer my voice is a the first priority in everything I do. If I improve my vocal abilities and my stage performances and work harder on my writing abilities, I think i`ll make one hell of a great singer : )

Maabara:  who are your top five favorites local Artist in your list?

Darlington: To be honest, I have great respect and love for Maunda Zorro, Grace Matata, Christabella Njuu, Amini (THT), Barnabas (THT) and Lina (THT) because they are all so young but they are extremely talented and they have managed to do amazing work so far and you can see them growing every day. So I really admire them.

Maabara:  I'm sorry to hear that you have lost your father recently, Its very hard to accept it, tell us in brief how it felt to lose a close person in life like him, what is in your mind and how have you decided to dedicate him in your daily activities!
Darlington: Well this is tha hard part in my life to accept the reality, but can’t turn the lights on again, it hard but God has plans for everyone in life, I will always remember it was late afternoon, his love so tender, but end in so soon. but I believe God is there for me, my DAD was everything to me, my best friend we could talk anything, I will sing a song for him, but mum is left with me and  loves me very much.

Maabara: Pole sana, Maabara is wishing you all the best in both careers

Darlington:  Thank you

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