Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Have you heard the new coming mixtape from Fid Q ? Well KITAA-OLOJIA (Street-ology ) is coming, was told  that its going to be strictly Mistari na Vina. No gabbage on it, nigga no swagger!!. Its all about spitting skills, punchlines, rhyming techniques and crazy beats on it. Yesterday,  two members of Music lab finest Mces (nikki mbishi and sterio a) did their contributions on the mix tape at Tongwe Records. the source said that another member of music lab One-increadible  will also appear on that mission. Fid Q is looking for more other ill mcs such as KURASA among others to feature on that expansion. 

His main objective is to  stimulate new artists by bringing back the awareness for the cats to stick  on  HIP HOP basics such as  rhyming skills,  conceptual contents and living intellectual . He is now near to strike a deal for the Distribution and Music Videos. 

The entire project will  benefit  each contributor, as the source said that, if everything goes fine, each individual will pursue his own contract. " It is like solo artists crewed up together" Nikki mbishi was quoted.

Well done Fareed Kubanda, this is what we are calling HIP-HOP revolution.  

We cant wait for the end product  (KITAA-OLOJIA) to bang on the street. Ngoja tuone

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