Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An interview with William Otuck

Always music is very comical industry; this is because of its unpredictable audience behavior + people who want to dictate the industry the way they want. If you pay a visit at music lab studio and get a chance to see the way Otuck is approaching his music either on singing or production part, you would want the whole world to understand what you have witnessed. There is lot of talent in him, sometimes people like Duke always says that this little boy is doing music of next level which is hard for people of this generation to ketch up and understands him completely. He is known by his debut singe “Niite” which was released at the end of last year. The song was produced by collabo of him and his close friend OX-G then mixed & mastered by DUKE at music lab
Straight Away from Mtwara at college, this is his interview with maabara

Maabara: How are you doing man!
Otuck: Um good, busy with the book, I have taken a break on music  damn it!
Maabara: hahahaha! well lets start straight! how do you  describe yourself!
Otuck: am a lil talented, cool and smart rn'b singer and a producer.., full of GREAT passion on music. am Always tryng to get the best of me. Hustlin' and make it to the TOP OF THE WORLD.
Maabara:  tell us about your history, school, family etc

Otuck: i was born in 1989 at Rukwa region but i grew up and took my primary education in DAR. i took my O-level education at  Pius secondary school in dar. A-level at minaki sec school, Pwani. Am now taking my diploma in clinical medicine at CoTC Mtwara.

Maabara: A lot of artists in bongo start singing when they are a bit older, Can you tell us exactly when did you start singing?

Otuck: started at the church man!, when i was 9 yrs old where i firstly joined the church choir. niliacha kwaya nilipofika std iv. but as a boarding scholar at my secondary level, i went on singing gospel music. that was where i learned how to play a piano that brought the 'production' thing in me. All my dreams on music zilikua kufanya muziki wa dini.., but mda ulipokua unasogea, i changed my mind and turned to a rn'b singer!! nilijikita rasmi kwenye game ya muziki wa bongo by 2007, being encouraged by a close friend of mine  OX-G who is a producer and a rapper.

Maabara: Grace Matata (your label mate) is good in guitar, what about you? Any instrument

Otuck: Did I tell you I’m also a producer? Of course I play piano and am now working on a guitar.

Maabara: between a producer and singer, which career Otuck would prefer most

Otuck: I really prefer being a singer because I think when I sing I fill so much better than when am making music. Though it’s true that am very much inspired by the music of my own. That is to say, when I sing on my own beat I fill so much good..., lol.

Maabara: any role model or someone who inspired you in your music career?

Otuck: this inspiration comes indirectly from the late Michael Jackson. So I count him as my role model. I took it directly from NE-YO, CHRISS BROWN, & JOHN LEGEND.

Maabara: yes you are doing music, what else are you doing in day to day life activities!

Otuck: Am taking a diploma in medicine so am a doctor.., lol. I realy love this part of my life, I love helping people. i believe that I was born to postpone the deaths of some people here in the world.

Maabara: Well why signing mlab and how?

Otuck: I knew Duke even before Mlab, so when I visited him, I decided to make it hapa hapa.., i didnt have any reason to go anywhere else.

Maabara: Any local producers probably you would like to work with, apart from mlab’s producers

Otuck: Well! It’s definitely Majani & Lamar.

Maabara:  Favorite local Artist?

Otuck:  man the list is long but to shorten, I will name Steve rn'b, Godzilla, nikki mbishi, Amini, Lina and Mr. Ally zorro.
Maabara: what things you think if you improve, you will become a better singer than what you are?

Otuck: a good and professional vocal training, much time for practice and making music.
Maabara:  Otuck! Thank you for your time, we wish you all the best in your music and school activities

Otuck: Pleasure


beric said...

Wel, that young boy is inspirational singer, he would always remember to sing his music, rock it otuck, you wil raise to next lever where people wil understand you pal,

beric said...

Zaidi namshauri brother huyu aweke wigo mpana katika mziki wake! Ktk list ya nyimbo zake, naona leading theme bado ni ileile wanayofanya wasanii wengi! Personaly napenda kind f music that cn sound perculiar, that cn teach me xamthn in advance! Topic za nyimbo zako za baadae, jaribu to make them sound somehow different from knwn artist, i knw u cn do it! Just thnk like next level brother, i beleave in you!