Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Appreciation

Seems like now, Music lab’s artists have started to be reckoned in many blogs. This suggests that the quality of their work is a decent standard against audience requirements. Maabara was shocked when it found out that Wimbo by Grace Matata now looks like a new song in most of the blogs.
Generally, All artists from Nikki mbishi, sterio, one, ben po’, Grace matata, Darlington, Njuu and Manfred are doing well. If you look back a year ago, the mentioned artists were deep undergrounds.
Congratulations to music lab management, entire production crew starting with Duketachez, Willie HD, Kanye innocent, Kamongo KG and William otuck and all other stakeholders for their support. Also praise should also go to Instrumentalists such as Norman, maneno uvuruge, ozee, Manfred and all part time people.
We also would like to reserve our special thanks to the following blogs:
• Babkubwa
• Radio mbao
• Swahili remix
• Eastafricantube
• Bongoflavourmusicnews
• Djchoka
• Dj fetty
We cant mention all of them, We wish to express our joy base on your efforts guys. We still have a long way to go but its not bad kutoa shukrani.
Its only one year since Music lab was established, but we are proud of lots of hits which we have been involved so far just to mention few:
1. Wimbo By Grace matata
2. Kila siku by nikki mbishi
3. Playboy by nikki mbishi
4. Increadible by One
5. Nyakati By grace matata
6. Free soul by Grace matata
7. Nafahamu by Manfred ft grace matata
8. Binti kibinti by musa vipaji vingi ft mataaruma
9. Pata raha By ben po ft sterio,one & nikki mbishi
10. Kurasa mpya by darlinton
11. Bado robo saa By Amin(THT)
12. Atatamani By Lina(THT)
13. Wrong Sms by Barnaba ft Lina(THT)
14. Makange By jasmeen (THT)
15. Mbona umekwenda By Jane Rose (THT)

Asanteni wadau kwa kutupokea

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